rules and regulations

  • IN and OUT entries should be made in movement register.
  • In case of  Leave, get prior approved letter or mail one day earlier from Warden.
  • Main door will be closed at 22:00 Hrs every day, no late comers will be allowed except the pre-approved persons.
  • Family/ Relatives and Friends are allowed to meet only in the waiting hall with permitted time only.
  • The occupants must pay the monthly tariff charges on or before 5th of every month and the defaulters have to pay applicable delay charges. management reserves the right to revise the monthly tariff with prior notice.
  • Electricity consumption  charges will be divided equally among the occupants of the room.
  • The occupants are advised not to keep valuable items. The management was not responsible for loss, damage or theft of your belongings.
  • Personal cooking/ Parties are not allowed inside the rooms.
  • Main course of food will have to be had at the ground floor cafeteria only however dry snacks and soft drinks if need be can be had at the rooms.
  • Common Washing Machine is available for occupants use and the priority of its usage will be allocate based on its booking register.
  • The occupant shall not relocate or rearrange the furniture setup inside the room for whatever the reason.
  • The walls, furniture and equipments inside the room & common passage area will have to be free from any kind of markings, scribbling, poster pasting etc. throughout the period of the occupants stay. However if any such thing as mentioned above are found then the cost of repainting and setting it right will have to be borne by all occupants equally.
  • All furniture’s, fixtures and allied items provided for occupants s use only, which has to be maintained and handed over back at the time of vacating the said portion as its condition. Missing or damaged items cost will be divided equally among all occupants of the particular room.
  • All common areas in the building such as Terrace, Hall, Garage, Cafeteria, Passage, Staircase etc. can be used by all the occupants with equal rights.
  • The occupants shall allow the warden to enter upon the premises to inspect the premises at all reasonable time.
  • The occupants shall keep the demised premises neat and clean and cooperate with House keeping Staffs.
  • Tenancy of an occupant will be terminate with immediate effect, if the occupant involved in misbehaviour or any immoral activities within the premises.                
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